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Effective Climate Controlled Storage in Lancaster, PA

Through the punishing heat of summer and the frosty chill of winter, your property will stay comfortable at East End Storage. We provide climate controlled storage in Lancaster, PA, in a two-story building. If your storage unit is on the upper floor, we have a freight elevator with carts to make it easy to add and remove items. Our climate-controlled building also features a loading dock that is accessible if you have a truck.

The Ideal Environment
for Your Property

If you are a business owner, property such as merchandise, product samples, electronics, wooden office furniture, records, and other important paperwork could be damaged in extreme temperatures. Our heated and air-conditioned storage units can keep your items at the ideal temperature year-round.

Climate Controlled Storage - Lancaster, PA

Prevent Costly Damage

If you want even more protection for your inventory and equipment, we recommend laying down plastic or paper pads on the floor of your storage unit, whether it is climate controlled or not. The floors of most any storage unit, including our own, are concrete, and while we make an effort to keep our units clean and tidy, your items will benefit from added protection. To learn more, contact us today.